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Losing teeth is common as you get older, but if missing teeth interfere with your ability to eat or speak, dentures might be a great option for you. At Danville Family Dentist, Dr. Shailaja Singh offers denture options, including full and partial dentures, for a variety of situations. Call the Danville Family Dentist office today for an appointment or book online.


What are dentures?

Dentures are dental appliances that fit in your mouth to replace missing teeth. Dentures look and function similarly to your natural teeth. Complete dentures are the best option when the full set of natural teeth is missing; although partial dentures are an excellent choice if some natural teeth remain.

What’s the process like for a denture fitting?

Dr. Singh will schedule several appointments to fit your dentures properly. During these fitting appointments, Dr. Singh takes impressions and measurements of your jaw to size your dentures and, once your customized dentures are made, ensure that they fit properly in your mouth.

If complete dentures are the best choice for you, Dr. Singh extracts all of your remaining teeth during one or several visits, while you are under anesthesia. Your mouth will need some time to heal, but dentures can usually be fitted 2-3 months after the teeth have been pulled — you may have temporary dentures during this time.

Only some teeth will be extracted to fit partial dentures, which have connectors or clasps to connect to your other teeth.

How do I take care of my dentures?

Your dentures will last for years, especially if you take good care of them. To properly clean your dentures, remove your dentures to brush them, but rinse them first to get rid of any food particles. Use a toothbrush, but choose one with soft bristles and choose a denture cleaner that is non-abrasive. When you take your dentures out of your mouth, ensure to store them in a cup of clean water properly.

If Dr. Singh recommends that you use an adhesive to keep your dentures secure, she will discuss the different options — such as pastes and powders — so you can choose the adhesive type that’s best for you.

Complete or permanent dentures can give you back your self-confidence and help you enjoy spending time with friends and family without being embarrassed by your teeth.

To explore your tooth replacement options with Danville Family Dentist, call the office for an appointment or book online to schedule a denture consultation today.


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